Healing Modalities

Healing Modalities

Spiritual Guidance- This is a method that utilizes psychological counseling systems and includes spirituality in its treatment of the person, and therefore is a holistic approach. Spirituality is included as it pertains to the client and their spiritual beliefs and practice. Spiritual guidance focuses on being centered in the moment and helping the individual work on their self-care, finding their path, being in touch with their own spirit and living to their fullest and happiest potential.

Energy Healing/Reiki- We all have an energy field called an aura. It can become damaged when we are emotionally or psychologically wounded during difficult times in our life, or when traumatized. Our energy field can be repaired with the use of shamanic energy healing techniques. This can include energy extractions and cleansing (which removes negative energy and energetic blocks in the field), and soul retrievals (healing the wounds of the energy field and returning missing pieces of the soul). Reiki means universal life force, and is an ancient Tibetan energy healing technique that was rediscovered by the Japanese. It allows the practitioner to channel universal life force into the receiver.

Creative Expression- It is allowing ourselves to give form to our thoughts and emotions through artistic means. One does not have to be an artist to do it, but to open to express themselves in new ways. This can include writing, drawing, painting, poetry, spoken word, dance and movement, sculpting, arrangement and decorating. The spiritual guide can include creative expression components as part of the spiritual guidance sessions.

Intuitive Readings- These are sessions that focus on divination, energy work and ritual may be included. Other tools such as oracle cards, tarot cards, crystals, and archetypal imagery may be used. The spiritual guide serves as a medium, and allows direct communication between the client and the client’s spirit guides, animal spirits, angels, ancestors, and deities.

Ritual- This involves creating sacred space and going through a symbolic process of actions to bring healing, create closure, or to call something new into one’s life. Ritual is used in most religious/spiritual traditions to signify connecting with the Divine. Making offerings, sitting in meditation, and doing prayers are all examples. The spiritual guide can facilitate the client through ritual as part of their spiritual work together.